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Jack W. Sparks, Ph.D., PE, RG, RM - DOB: March 17, 1943

President and Principal Engineer

SERF, Systems Engineering Research Facilities, Inc. - Since 1972




Licensed Professional Engineer and Contractor:

        Registered Professional Engineer, Fla. PE 16877, 1972

        Registered General Contractor, Fla. RG 61440, 1990

        Registered Mechanical Contractor, Fla. RM 60577, 1990.


Expert Witness and Consultant in the States of:

        Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Wyoming, West Virgina, New York, and Connecticut.



        University of Florida

        Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering, 1970

        Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1967

        Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, 1965


Field of Practice:

        Forensic Engineering Analysis, Accident Reconstruction, Mechanical and Machine Design, Thermal and Fluid

        Systems, ASME Pressure Products, Pneumatic and Mechanical Conveyors.

        Principal Design Engineer for Process Tanks and Piping Systems, Conveying Equipment and Machinery, Heavy

        Lifting Equipment and Structural and Mechanical Applications at SERF, Inc.


Professional Service: *Past Service

        University of Florida Mechanical Engineering Advisory Committee

        Engineering Service Advisor to the University of Florida ERC.

       *Technical Advisor to the UWF Technology Council.

       * Advisor to the Pensacola Junior College Welding Department


 Professional and Honorary memberships:

        American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Welding Society, Society of Automotive Engineers,

        Society of Accident Reconstructionists, Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine,

        National Association of Professional Accident Reconstructionists. Pi Tau Sigma, honorary Engineering Fraternity.


 Journal of Publications:

        Journal of Applied Mechanics, 1968. Journal American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1968.

        Journal of Mechanisms, 1967 and Yugoslav Council for the Theory of Machines, 1968.


Research Experience- University of Florida:

        Kinematics, Mechanisms and Machine Design, 1965-1970. Solar Energy

        Analysis & Fallout Shelter Analysis, 1967-1968. Thermal Energy Analysis for Large Building, 1965-1967


Teaching Experience (Partial) - Adjunct Professor - University of West Florida:


        Machine Design and Analysis - Tension and Compression Stresses, Shear and Bending Moments, Types of Failure,

        Material selection and ASME  code, Testing requirements, Steel Shapes and Shafting, Deflection and Buckling, Stress

        Analysis and Fatigue, Design Safety factors, Vibration, Impact and Shock, Energy for Deformation and Shearing.

            Design Applications - Shafting, springs, fasteners, belts, clutches, brakes, chain, welded connections, bearings,

                                                 gears, Wire rope, and Engineering materials and Selection.


        Fluids and Hydraulics - The properties Fluids and Gases, Applications for transferring power and heat, The use

        and characteristics of Pumps and Compressors, Flow of liquids and gases in pipes, channels and over surfaces,

        Compressible and Incompressible flow, Pump head and NPSH applications.  


        Heat Transfer - Conduction, Convection and Radiant heat transfer, Mass and heat transfer, Solar and Radiant heat

        transfer applications, HVAC systems Load and Humidity determination. Applications and Types of heat exchangers,

        and Boiler systems.  


        Economy Engineering - Financing Interest rates and final cost of Equipment, Present cost and Future cost, Return on

        Investment, The cost of manufacturing and construction, The cost of Operations, The cost of services including utilities,

        variable and fixed costs, Investment analysis, Profit and, Loss statements.


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