Dr. Sparks

Dr. Jack W. Sparks practices as a Forensic Engineer and Expert Witness providing Accident Reconstruction, Failure Analysis and Kinematics of injury for:




Automotive Crashes and Biomechanics of Injury

Air Bag, Seat Belt and Brake Performance Analysis

Biomechanics of Low and High Impact Speeds

Vehicle Crashworthy

Tractor Trailer and Heavy Machinery

Machine and Mechanical Components

Industrial Manufacturing Equipment

Collapse of Cranes and Structures

Construction Site Injury and OSHA Safety

Sports and Marine Craft

Please call Dr. Sparks at 850-476-8203


A free consultation is given in matters relating to your case and the costs for our services.  You may choose to mail or E-mail to the following address:  


Attn: Dr. Jack W. Sparks, Phd, P.E.

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